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Return To Sender…

May every evil eye in my life go blind.

At this time, I call back any and all of my energy i’ve given to those who wish ill will towards me, my family and soul tribe.

I now return to sender times 10, any ill will or wishes, evil witchcraft hexes, curses and jinxes, any and all negative energies.

You are not allowed to manipulate my energy and you have no power over me.

I am surrounded by a Holy Divine white light of protection from the most high.

I choose to serve the light.

I use my light for healing, blessings and abundance.

God, source, universe, angels, ancestors, spirit guides, council of light, ascended masters and all benevolent beings of light have my six and I am not responsible for how they choose to protect me and those connected to me.

So it be.

Love and light.


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