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Fresh, new energy for your body “system”.

This you have to do while meditating. If you don’t know how to meditate, let me give you a small brief.

I want you to look for a nice, comfort and safe place, where you can sit with your legs crossed and hands on your knees to start with.

I do my manifesting and meditating next to our tree inside our yard. I also give offerings for the tree everyday, like giving water, milk, lemon juce or muesli. Remember what you give to the universe is a sign of you caring for nature. I do these to ask first if I may sit next to it and when i’m done I do the same offering, to say thank you.

Now, while sitting in your comfort zone I want you to do the following:

“Close your eyes, extend your physical hands outwards, palms up, then inhale deeply and hold your breath for a moment. Think of radiant, pure white energy focused from above and centering down upon the palms of your hands, then flowing up through your arms and spreading throughout your total self. Then exhale your breath.”

You will feel it when it works for you, like getting goosebumps, crying, burping, yawning and so on.

I want you to write this down and first read through it several times to understand what to do. Then you can practice this for a few minutes everyday, until you feel ready to do it.

But mostly, I want you to Believe in yourself and please take good care of your body, drink lots of water and eat healthy. Listen to your body, as your body will tell you what it needs.

I hope this help as a starter, then we will proceed when you are done and happy. You could just let me know. And any questions I will happily answer.

The beautiful tree in our yard…


18 thoughts on “Fresh, new energy for your body “system”.

    1. Just remember, when you meditate you open your energy for the universe so its important when your done meditating that you close your energy so that no other energies can come to you or negative energy takes from you… You can also says these words at nigh ” I call back all my energy, from all unknown and unwanted people, places and things around me. I cleanse my energy from all negativity. My energy is my protection.” Those words daily helps for me and hope it works for you and you dont have to meditate, you can just speak in your mind or out loud. And its important to pray and ask God to protect you and your energy.

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  1. This is a good question. I have been pondering it all day. I guess I would like the pieces of myself back that are missing. I would like to know what I am. No amount of meditation or prayer have brought the answers yet.

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    1. I believe God doesn’t give answers only if you’re not actually ready to know the truth. Why don’t you start by healing yourself and your inner traumas, and you’ll see that it doesn’t matter who you really are and that you actually are starting to live life. Don’t always seek answers, coz those things holds us back in life and we forget to live

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      1. I wonder what kind of truth might I not be ready to learn? I feel like I’m far too boring for mysteries.

        I think you’re right that I’m not really living life. That one will need some work.

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      2. I hope you found my new posts, as it will help you along with your vibrations (energy). Good luck and please ask if you want to know anything specific, as I am here to help. Remember Love yourself, drink water and take good care of your body…..

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