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The difference between you and angels!

See this is the difference between you and angels.

Cause when angels messed up, they get kicked out of heaven.

But you and I, we have free will.

That’s what makes the devil so mad.

He messed up once and he’s out of there.

We mess up everyday, God still wants to hear from us.

You and I can walk away from God and he’s still faithful to us.

You and I have made bad choices and we know we don’t deserve his love, his mercy or his forgiveness but he’s sitting there like a living father saying;

“I just can’t wait for them to turn…

And when they turn around, I got a blessing for them.

I’ve got healing for them.

I’ve got deliverance for them.

God is faithful when we are faithless.

The Bible says,

When we are faithless,

He is faithful, for he cannot deny himself.”


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