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Have something small to share…

A few days ago, I have joined this group on discord that I got through tiktok. I should say that everyone there is so much helpful and so kind. People with different problems and mental health problems that helps out each and everyone on the channel….

So I have decided to share the link with everyone, coz I personally think this will help so many people put there. And besides the best part is that you can hide your identity as much as you like to… Theres people that actually will listen to aything, anyone has to say.

Just remember they are not therapists, only ordinary people that went through so much in life and truely want to help others.

This is really nice of them to do this…

No one needs to know who you are so please feel free to reach out to us… Helping eachother in ways no one could understand… enjoy the link my beautiful people and I do hope, you get the help you need in life…


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