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That’s what happens in the spiritual world.

When you have the courage to do the work, you start to realize that we’re all one and then you get to tap into different people’s energies. And your spiritual gift unravels. My spiritual gift is this, I download and I tell you guys, your spiritual gift is very obvious to me, you’re able toContinue reading “That’s what happens in the spiritual world.”

5 Thing people believe happen after we die….

1. When we die, the soul feels like it has been set free and gets to return “home”. 2. We then pass through a tunnel or portal and the first person we meet is our main guide (also referred to our angel in some traditions.) 3. We then reunite with our soul group which isContinue reading “5 Thing people believe happen after we die….”

11 Laws of Karmic

1. The Law of Creation: life won’t just happen to you. You need to take action and make things happen, rather than wait for everything to magically work out for you. 2. The Law of Humility: Being humble enough to accept and understand that your current situation is a result of your past actions. 3.Continue reading “11 Laws of Karmic”

Something To Think About!!

And those who are watching this transformation, will think that you have suddenly become magical. They will want to know what magic wand you have found, and you will say to them. I made peace with me, I stopped finding fault with me. I stopped finding fault with you, I stopped looking for reasons toContinue reading “Something To Think About!!”


We human beings have been obsessed with numbers since forever… The Babylonians read the movement of planets using numbers to predict eclipses. Ancient Egyptians priests used numbers to forecast the flooding of the Nile. Plato called the study of numbers and their symbols ‘the highest level of knowledge’. But it was Pythagoras, considered the fatherContinue reading “Pythagoras!”

Spiritual !

Cosmic Energy… Cosmic energy is available to you whenever you need it. But how do you harness Cosmic Energy to take advantage of its benefits, and what are its benefits? What are the best techniques , and are objects you can use? Cosmic Energy Through Meditation: Whatever the reason you may have to meditate,Continue reading “Spiritual !”