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Numerology/palm reading

If anyone nèeds assistance on me helping you on your spiritual path, feel free to contact me. I would gladly help you discover your potential and even more If you need help with healing or cleansing or grounding yourself. Please feel free by contacting me, i”m here to help those who needs help. Love andContinue reading “Numerology/palm reading”


We human beings have been obsessed with numbers since forever… The Babylonians read the movement of planets using numbers to predict eclipses. Ancient Egyptians priests used numbers to forecast the flooding of the Nile. Plato called the study of numbers and their symbols ‘the highest level of knowledge’. But it was Pythagoras, considered the fatherContinue reading “Pythagoras!”

The Perfect Number 7 In Numerology…

7 Just seems to be everyones favourite number. Scholars tells us that the number 7 means “completeness or perfection”. There are 7 days of the week. 7 Colours of the rainbow. 7 Notes on the musical scale. 7 Seas. 7 Continents. Snow white ran off with 7 dwarfs. Sinbad the sailor, took 7 voyages. AndContinue reading “The Perfect Number 7 In Numerology…”