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In Jesus Name

There’s power in His name

To break off every chain

But we try to break them by ourself

This is insane

Only at the cross, where He paid the cost, where every power that sin had, was completely lost, No More

But it’s time that we believe it

Open up our empty heart to His grace and receive it

Now sat hello to His presence and goodbye to addictions

All these false saviours

All these quick fixings

Cause they ain’t fixing a thing, only making these chains heavier

You know what I mean for real!

But really it’s not about what you did

It’s about the Father looking down and saying that’s my kid!

And I’ll do anything to let them know

Read John 3:16 to see how the rest of the story goes

You’ll see a Father who would send His only son to break off every chain to claim it is done!

I pray for your healing


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