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You may have heard the terms ascension, the shift or 3D, 5D. What does it all mean and why is it affecting you.

As more intense energies move through our planet ary system, some people on earth are experiencing symptoms.

Those who are not aware of why this is happening, believe they might be going crazy, not to worry.

With some gentle guidance, you can make it through this shift. How do you know if you are going through the ascension process.

Here are some symptoms.

1) intense energy feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or an intense energy feeling stressed, remember you are adjusting to a higher vibration and you will eventually adjust old patterns behaviours and beliefs are also being pushed to the surface. There is a lot going on inside of you.

2) Disorientation, a feeling of disorientation not knowing where you are, a loss of a sense of place. You are not in 3D anymore, as you have moved or in the process of moving into the higher realms.

3) Unusual aches and pains throughout different parts of your body. You are purifying and releasing blocked energy vibrating at 3D, while you are vibrating in a higher dimension.

4) Waking at night, waking at night between 2 and much is going on in your dream state you can’t be there for long lengths of time and need a break. This is also the cleansing and releasing hour.

5) Memory loss, memory loss a great abundance of short term memory loss and only vague remembrance of your past. You are in more than one dimension at a time and going back and forth as part of the transition, you are experiencing a disconnect and also your past is a part of the old. When the old is forever gone, being in the now is the way of the new world.

6) Seeing and hearing things, you are experiencing different dimensions as you transition. All according to how sensitive you are and how you are wired.

7) Loss of identity, you try to access the old you but it is no longer there. You may not know who you are looking at in the mirror, you have cleared much of your old patterns and are now embodying much more light and simpler more purified divine you. All is in order, you are ok.

8) Feeling out of body, you may feel as though someone is talking but it is not you. This is our natural defense mechanism of survival when we are under acute stress of feeling traumatized or out of control. Your body is going through a lot and you may not want to be in it.

9) Period of deep sleeping, you are resting from all the acclimatize and are integrating as well as building up the next phase.

10) Heightened sensitivities to your surroundings, crowds, noise, foods, tv, other human voices and various other stimulation are barely tolerable. You also over whelm very easily and become easily overestimated, you are tuning up. Know that this will eventually pass.


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