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Let me share my beautiful abilities

I am a spychic medium with Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claicognizance and Clairsentience. I can read people, feel people through their energy, I have dreams that warn me of whats going to happen in my near future. I am highly protected by my Guardian Angels, Angels, Spirits, Divine, Ancestors and mostly the Lord. No one can harm nor touch my energy. I believe that every person that gets close to me are my enemy and thats a fact, you didn’t think I can’t read through you.. The only reason I am nice is because I pray for you to find the light in your life and follow the right path. Let me explain more about my abilities.


Clear hearing, I have the ability to listen and hear things that are communicating with me, from higher dimensions of this existence, Clair voice inside of your head and the tricky part about this gift is discerning which voice is yours and which voice is not.

Someone with clairaudience might also experience a ringing in the left or right ear that has a very specific pitch. A specific pitch and a specific length and what that means is that whatever you’re listening to, speaking or reading is meant to be absorbed, it’s a message from the divine.


Clear seeing, I have the ability to see things physically manifest, I have very potent and strong imagery, visions in the mind, as if it’s a movie in my head. Which is where I can see the future and see what’s going to happen.


Clear knowing, is a clear knowing this us where I hear the term, I got a download. Someone who is Claircognizant will receive information like in an instant. It’ll be like connecting the wires in the brain and all of a sudden I just know, I will receive information that might take me a whole book to explain but I just get it immediately.


Clear feeling, the feelers, the empaths, they have the ability to tap into other people’s energy, energy around me, I have a very clear feeling. I have the ability to tap into another person’s energy as if it’s my own, knowing exactly what they’re feeling, exactly what they’re thinking. Telepathy.

Don’t take me for granted, I am also just human born with abilities, to help and guide other human beings. I am a wonderful person that likes helping those who needs help most, if they reach out to me. It is not our choice just to help put of our own, that’s why it’s important to others to reach out to us.

Blessed be.. Love and light


4 thoughts on “Let me share my beautiful abilities

    1. I feel good when I use it, coz I mean helping others makes me happy and whole inside and besides I learn alot by helping others.. I never share my abilities because of personal reasons but I felt like sharing… I believe every person on earth have abilities, some just never awake to experience them… It’s the most blessfull feeling deep inside that I can not explain by helping the Lord

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      1. No I am all on my own.. Some people believe in things that I just dont believe and mostly I follow my heart and intuition, it’s my own path that I followed since I were born. I am an outsider to my family because of different believes but it will never stop me coz my heart and soul are pure. I only help those who knows about my gifts and reaches out to me, I’ve been battling way to many demons and witches on my path and thats why I keep it all to myself. For the past 2 years, I have someone on my path that tried hard but the Lord putted an deep end to that. You see my family blood line, all turned out bad and got sudden unidentified deaths and I am the only one who turned to God with my gifts. But I do believe that Words hold a powerful energy that can help others

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