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You were meant to see

Have you ever heard the Scripture “be still” and know that He is God?

Today I got a whole new meaning from it.

The Hebrew meaning for “be still” is that verse means to “drop it.”

What he was saying was to drop your weapons, to drop the things that you’re trying to use, to win a battle that only God can win and to take refuge in God and watch Him go to war for you.

Today is the day that you stop trying to fix it in your strength.

You drop it at God’s feet so that He can pick it up and win the battle with His hands.

Today is the day that you trust that God can do what he said he can do.

And all you’ve got to do is take refuge in Him.

Remember, you’re gonna make it.

Trouble doesn’t last always.

And remember you matter

6 thoughts on “You were meant to see

      1. I appreciate what you are doing! I read each post carefully and think about them.

        Last night I dreamed. (My dreams have been blocked for a long time.) They weren’t long, but I believe they were messages.

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  1. Yes, I did try the onion. Maybe that is why I was able to dream. I think I understand the symbolism of my dream, but I don’t quite know what I am supposed to do next. Maybe tonight will give me more answers?

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