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9 thoughts on “Love yourself

      1. I got sick when I was around 23 with something that is still unidentified. It wrecked my health, my life and my finances. I’ve never been able to overcome it, only survive it. Even now I can do very little because my body is so unreliable. I’ve accomplished nothing, and I hate myself for it.

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      2. Please do not hate yourself. Just remember everything happens for a good reason. Sorry for asking, but have you actually sit down and pray to the Lord, give him all your hurt and fears and suffers. Fight with him, cry before him. Give him all your burdens… you have to have faith in him, its not easy sumtimes but in the end all will make sense believe me. I went through so much in life and I can tell you the numeral times I faught with the Lord and now I am only thanking him coz it all makes sense now… Talk to him and you will see how mirracles start to happen in your life, He is the only one that can heal your heart and heal your illness. Please believe and have faith and never ever hate yourself for coz you do not know why you had to go through this problem. The Lord gives the hardest battles to the strongest warriors, He is testing you to see if you can handle the worst so the devil cant take over. Think clearly about this. The things I post sumtimes, I want you to feel it when you read it please. Never carry hate in your heart, coz I know you are not that kind of person. There’s a reason why me and you are talking, keep that in mind

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    1. Ha ha ha.. It will drain all the negative energy out of your body. Sometimes listening to others gives us a big negative thing in our minds. Your different I can feel this, be honest with yourself, love yourself the way you are, nurture yourself, be brave. The devil will throw all obsticles in your way to distract you for passing the winning line, coz he knows your so close. But remember he can not touch or harm you as you are well protected from the Lord himself. You just need to have faith and believe

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