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To remember!

To remember any part of your life experience

Close your eyes

Touch softly the fingers of your right hand to the center of your forehead

When you do this, you recall and remember immediately that which you consciously desire

7 thoughts on “Meditation

      1. If you feel like your bein haunted, realize your emotions at that time and think through your emotions as in why are you feeling like that, what did you do or not do.. at the back of your mind your mind will tell you why do you feel haunted, that little voice in your head talking to you… thats bein called your intuition, always listen to it


    1. The things I post are the things I tried myself and is working for me. Havent really tried anything to remember past lives, coz you know sumtimes its best not to know what happened… we are all souls that had many many lives and there is a reason that sum of us dont remember things… past is the past and it needs to be kept that way..

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      1. I know how that feels but it can also mean that you have to heal yourself within with that past thing… When you feel like that please pray to the Lord as He will help you through everything, I should warn you it is not going to be easy but in the end it is worth it all…. ask the Lord to show you signs or signs in your dreams, take a dream journal, write down all your dreams coz it have important messages in it for you… you might not understand it at that moment but in time it will come to you. Remember everything take divinely time, healing is the worst thing anybody can go through coz you need to do it alone and you might lose friends, family members but like I said, in the end it all will be worth it…

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