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Think about it.

The Bible don’t tell you to figure nothing out. Its say Ask, Believe and Receive.

Now you see you keep going down these churches, they keep telling you this, but you ain’t listening.

I’m asking you to listen, you can turn your life around. If you can change your attitude, you can change your altitude.

I ask everyday for the Lord to bless me with a work or any income, I even send my cv out every week about 6 times and I still believe that oneday, the Lord will bless me and rise me up so that I can provide for me and my boys again.

Amen to that.


6 thoughts on “Think about it.

      1. Oh my gosh, you sound just like me. Maybe I’m not meant to have any sort of success. Maybe I am simply meant to be where I am to help others with seemingly small tasks and companionship. In human terms it seems insignificant, but in heavenly terms perhaps it is important?

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      2. It is important in heavenly terms and human terms, coz the world needs big changes… Actually not the world, us human kind needs change. I can help you if you want to give it a shot on your own website. Just let me know if your interested and I will post it on wordpress so everyone else can also know how to .. Besides my wordpress is all about everything 4 life

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