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Becoming self-aware to inhibit unwanted states of mind and body.

If you want to create a new self, you first have to stop being the old self. In the process of creation, the first function of the front lobe is to become self-aware.

Because we have metacognition capabilities – the power to observe our own thoughts and self – we can decide how we no longer want to be, to think, act and feel.

This ability of self-reflect allows us to scruntinize ourselves and then make a plan to modify our behaviours so we can produce more enlightened or desirable outcomes.

Your attention is where you place your energy. To use attention to empower your life, you will have to examine what you’ve already created.

The purpose of becoming self-aware is so that you no longer allow any thought, action or emotion you don’t want to experience to pass by your awareness.

Your ability to consciously inhibit those states of being will stop the same firing and wiring of the old neutral networks that are related to the old personality.

And as a result of no longer re-creating the same mind on a daily basis, you prune away the hardware that is related to the old self.

In addition, by interrupting the feelings that are associated with those thoughts, you are no longer signaling genes in the same way.

You are stopping the body from reaffirming itself as the same mind. Your goal here is to unlearn who you used to be , so that you can free up energy to create a new life, a new personality.

You have to become someone else.

Metacognition is your first task in moving from your past to creating a new future.


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