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Experience the power of your imagination!

Experience the power of your imagination right now.

It will only take a couple seconds.

Please close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Now imagine you and only you are inside of a bubble.

A bubble of energy around your whole body.

And inside of the bubble.

There is a light.

A bright white light that you are submerged in.

And everytime you inhale, that light fills your body up.

You can feel the energy from the light inside of your body.

The energy you are inhaling is the energy of unconditional love.

The energy of gratitude.

Be so thankful for this light energy.

Just saying thank you will raise your vibration.

Now tune into the heart.

And take a deep breath, smile and direct all that energy into your heart.

And when you exhale you are letting go of negativity and anything weighing you down.

Now open your eyes.

And say thank you.

You feel so much lighter.

This bubble is now available to you whenever you may need it.

Bathe in this bubble for a meditation if needed.

Notice how you blocked out the whole world. You weren’t worried about the things you worry about. You can achieve that state of being all the time it just takes practice…..

Meditation Bubble

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