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Lost Souls Will Ignore!

You need to know that Satan feels threatened by your relationship with God. Sometimes, he attacks you because he is afraid of what dwells within you. He feels intimidate by your pursuit of divine purpose. Dr. Myles Munroe once said, “Satan is afraid of you pursuing your destiny.” And that is true. Due to the cost of what you will be to his Kingdom, he finds ways to stop you. His strategy is to do all it takes to distract you and keep you off course. We are in a very crucial season beloved. And I can tell that God is ready to move, the enemy gets ready to discourage and distract. The devil does not want you to take full advantage of what the Lord has to give you. In fact, he wants you to miss incompletely. The question is how does he achieve this? The only thing that gives the devil advantage over Christians is when he has control over their willpower. The book of James 4:7 says “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. “If you are able to resist the devil, he will have no option but to flee. To stop you from rebuking him he, first of all, seeks to take control of your mind. When that is done, he then presents his lies to be true. That was his strategy in the Garden of Eden where he deceived Eve. It was the same strategy he used in tempting the Lord Jesus in the wilderness. The application may differ, but the strategy remains the same. Satan cannot stand rejection. That is his weakness. Submit yourself to God and rebuke him! Whenever God speaks, the devil whispers lies to deceive you in believing him and disobeying God. The devil himself turned from angel of light to darkness. He made fake version of himself. What will you expect from such a being? Hold fast to God’s word concerning you. Nurture it with the word of God. Don’t forget to gaurd your heart and spirit, which contain the knowledge God has given you. Do not let the devil get into your head; he is perfect in the skill of deception. In doing this, you’ve won the battle against him.

Say this Quick Powerful Prayer right to the end to rebuke the devil today.

Almighty God, I humble myself before you. I surrender my all to you. I ask that you come and rule in my heart. Is there any instruction you revealed to me but that the enemy has deceived me from obeying, I ask for mercy in the name of Jesus. I ask for the revelation of your truth; help me to be rooted in them. There are many distractions in the world today. Some even appear to be true. Help me to be discerning, especially on issues regarding my destiny. Lord, I ask for the grace to be focused and determined. No more will I be taken off course. No more will I waste my time on those things that matter not. I take charge of my mind. I bring it under the Lordship of Jesus. Satan, you have no control over my mind. Amen!


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