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5 Signs that you are a Psychic empath…

1. You see:

Sometimes lights, flashes, orbs, or colours, spontaniously pop up in your field of vision.

2. You hear:

Sometimes you hear tones, pitches, and ringing in your ears.

3. You feel:

You litteraly feel the energy and emotion, of other people, as if it were your own.

4. You know:

Sometimes you just “know” something, without the awareness of where that knowledge came from, (this can be deeper, universal truth, or something common and mundane.)

5. You believe:

Some empaths are so tapped in that they have what I call “naive optimism”, where they have a sense of the universal connectedness of all things, and the eternal nature of the human spirit, that even in tough circumstances, they “know” all is alwats wrll.


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