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Mantras for Chakra Flow!

Say these out loud during meditation for best results.

I know:

I know I am one with it all and it is all one with me. (Repeat 7×)

I see:

I see, so what I observe is not separate than me. (Repeat 7×)

I speak:

I speak, creating realities with real outcomes. (Repeat 7×)

I love:

I love, I am love, let it flow, let it flow. (Repeat 7×)

I do:

I do, for I am capable of creating my own reality. (Repeat 7×)

I feel:

I feel, there for it is real I feel, there for I am real. (Repeat 7×)

I am:

I am, everything and anything I deserve to be. (Repeat 7×)


3 thoughts on “Mantras for Chakra Flow!

  1. An underdeveloped person normally has several blocks around the edges of, or actually in, the chakras, slowing the energy or causing erroneous flow. After adequate development and chakra purification, a follower of Kundalini directs the energy towards a circular motion, such that it rotates clockwise from outside the body, counterclockwise from inside the body. This movement puts the chief force of the flow to the left, underlining the emotional and spiritual levels, establishing a solid base to work from, and heightening realising of energies.

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