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Thought For The Day

Energetically there are some relationships that you’ve been a part of, that you don’t even realize.

Are part of your life, and your energy right now.

Where just being in the energy of these people.

These people energetically without knowing it, have been throwing daggers at you, your entire life.

They’ve been throwing daggers at your, because they resent you.

They resent the beauty, that is within you.

They resent the power, that is within you.

And in actuality, they resent you for being a mirror for who it is that they can become.

If they were to let go of their own guilt, shame and fear.

So this is on an energetic level.

This is why when you’re around certain people, it just feels off, is because energetically their hooks are in you, and you gotta make a list of who these people are.

And sometimes its people that you truly love.

But in order for you to become your highest self, you’ve gotta learn to let go and to release them to be who they’re intended to be.

So that you can be released, who you are intended to be as well.


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