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Cord Cutting Mantra!

Write the name of the person you want to release on a piece of paper and burn it as you repeat these worde:

I release you with a full heart, with love for the place you once held in my life.

May you be happy in the life you have chosen.

I now take back all the energy that has been taken from me or that I have given away and I return the energy that I still hold from you.

May I be free from the ties that bind us.

May all cords be cut, transmuted and dissolved.

May all energy be returned to its original sender with power, peace and forgiveness.

I ask that this is complete and sealed now. So it is.

When you fold your piece of paper, remember to fold it from your side away from you (not towards you). As you will be given this to the universe, unlike manifesting you’ll be folding it towards you.


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