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The meaning of the palm of your hand!

For centuries, fortune tellers have used palmistry to predict the future. Those who are willing to have the lines in their hand inspected are often surprised by the occuracy of the revelations. You too can easily learn to interpret what you see in the palm of your hand.

What is palmistry?

Hands, like eyes for example, have characteristics that make them unique. Some hands may look the same, but no pair of hands will ever be identical to another. The lines and shapes of your hands say a lot about you, but also your destiny! For centuries, palmistry has been studying these lines hidden in the palms of your hands and revealed, from tiny clues, precious information about the future. Can you read the future through the palm of your hand? Yes, its possible, but its not easy and its not to be taken lightly. If you want to unravel the mysteries of this ancient science, you must carefully study the analysis of the palm’s lines and their meanings.

What can palmistry tell us?

Palmistry has been practiced for centuries, almost everywhere in the world. It studies every line, shape and groove of the hand to reveal information about the character, personality and future of the person in question. Some people think that palm lines are simply folds caused by the movements of the hands and fingers. It is not true, since all these folds are formed very early in the fetus, as early as the second month of pregnancy. They can keep their main characteristics throughout life. Palmistry is a very codified practice: each small element of the hand is linked to an aspect of the personality or to an area of life.

The basic principles of palmistry:

Reading palm lines is a relatively easy practice. You need to take the grooves or lines in the palm into account, but also the general shape of the hand, if you really want a complete interpretation. Even though the lines are also drawn through the different areas of the hand, which the experts also call “mounts”, the lines alone already give you an interesting insight into the personality and future of the person concerned. You can examine the right and left hand, each of which have different meanings: the left hand reflects Karma and destiny (the future), while the right hand reflects your present life (the present).

The main 3 lines are the heart line, the head line and the life line.


Meanings of the lines:

The heart line: Begins near the little finger and ends near the mount of Saturn. This line represents emotional life and sensuality. If this line is curved and rather prominent (even doubled), it is the sign of developed sensuality and great capacity to love.

The head line: Starts between the thumb and the index finger and goes down towards the lunar mount. It represents the intelligence and adaptability of the person in question. If it ends in a fork, it is a sign of a highly developed imagination. If it is chain-shaped, it indicates a moody character and if it is drawn very close to the life line, it is an indication of a very farsighted personality, not liking risks.

The life line: Starts between the index finger and the thumb and goes around the mount of Venus, going down to the wrist. Its length corresponds to the length of life: the longer this line is, the longer the person will live (more than 70 years if the line reaches the wrist, according to popular belief). But other elements can be inferred from it: if this line is duplicated, it is an indication of great vitality. If the line is wavy, it indicates obstacles and frequent changes or even physical fragility.

The fourth line which is also important:

The luck line: it is drawn vertically, in the center of the palm. It can be divided into several small grooves, indicating varying degrees of luck at different stages of life. It is also indicative of personal success: very sharp, it indicates personal accomplishment, great social and professional success. Forked, this line is a sign of changes in direction or profession for the person in question, (changes that are all the more beneficial as the line is accentuated).


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