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Ultimate Tips For Interpteting Your Dreams!

If you can’t find a connection between a scene and one of your problems, don’t dwell on it and go on to analyze the next scene and so on. Even if you didn’t find any connections to any of the scenes of your dreams and problems, it isn’t a big deal. Remember that dreamlike scenes are often in the second degree, that they are metaphorical, in other words, that the images, people, sounds, words that you hear and see…. can have a hidden meaning. If you don’t find a match between your dream and your life, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one, but for the moment, you’re not seeing them! Undoubtedly, one of the next analyses of your dream will help you to see things more clearly… or not! Give your mind time to analyze the content of your dreams. This is called the dream incubation process. In general, if you don’t see any correlation after two or three analyses of your dream, don’t push it. However, later you might find meaning in it, even after a few days or even a week later. Or maybe other later dreams will give you keys to understanding the dream you hadn’t been able to interpret before. In this case, there are no rules in this area given the volatile and complex nature of dreams. The dream world is so elusive, mysterious and unfamiliar that we can only give suggestions and indications! Its best just to start your process of personal autonomy, which can begin with the interpretation of your dreams. If you do it with conviction and on a regular basis, you’ll build your own dream literacy and interpretation system over time and eventually develop your own personal interpretation dictionary.


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