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The Most Famous Ghost Ship !

Over the centuries, many mysteries have stirred the minds of people around the world. One of the most famous is undoubtedly the mystery surrounding the existence of the Flying Dutchman.

Here’s what you may not know yet:

1641:                                                        A ship known as the Flying Dutchman, captained by Hendrik Van Der Decken, disappeared in the southern part of Africa, called the Cape of Good Hope. 1835:                    Caught in the middle of a storm, the crew of a British ship saw a ship that was very close to them. Collision seemed inevitable, but the ship magically disappeared, so did the storm. 1879:                                                        The crew of the SS Pretoria saw a ghost ship. 1881:                                                        Several people on board the HMS Bacchante, belonging to the British monarchy, saw the ghost ship. The future King George V was among them! The next day, one of the sailors died falling from the mast. 1885:                                                        The American ship named Relentless was near the Cape of Good Hope when the sailors spotted the Flying Dutchman. Later that night, 3 crew members fell overboard and drowned. 1959:                                                        The Straat Magelhaen ship ran into a ship that appeared out of nowhere and disappeared immediately after the incident. In the logbook, it was written that Captain Van Der Decken was in command of the ship, begging for Heaven’s forgiveness. 1911:                                                        The British Orkney Belle ship spotted the ghost ship before it disappeared in a storm.

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4 Terrifying Ghost Stories !

  1. Bloody Mary:                                                    Many of us are familiar with the legend of Bloody Mary. If you takrba candle into a dark room, stare into a mirror, and utter her name 13 times (or 3 or 7 times, depending in the version of the story), Bloody Mary will appear. She may appear as a ghost, but also takes the form of a witch or corpse. Candyman is just one example of this tale being used in pop culture.
  2. Agnes Sampsan:                                                Also known as Bloody Agnes, Bald Agnes, or Wife of Keith, Agnes was a scottish healer who was branded a witch during the North Berwick witch trials. During the reign of King James VI in the late 1500’s, Agnes was accused of witchcraft. She was completely shaved, tortured and eventually confessed. It is said that James VI spoke to her personally, where she revealed information from his wedding night that nobody else could know. Agnes was garroted and then burnt at the stake. It is said that her spirit haunts Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland. Agnes is mentioned in American Horror Story: Apocalypse.
  3. The Headless Horseman:                                        You’ve probably heard of this one before! Its a common tale from across Europe during the Middle Ages but is particularly popular within Irish, Scottish and American folklore. This spirit is said to be a man with no head who is usually seen riding a horse. In North America, this tale tells of a soldier from the American, Revolutionary War whose head was destroyed by a cannonball. His comrades carried hes headless body off the battlefield to burry him. He returns at night wielding a Jack-o-Lantern as he searches desperately for his head, cursed never to find it. The Headless Horseman is decipted in the movie and in the series Sleepy Hollow.
  4. The Bell Witch:                                                        The tale of the Bell Witch inspired the Blair Witch Project, a famous found-footage horror movie from 1999, along with other movies such as An American Haunting. This spirit haunted the Bell family in the 1800’s in Adams, Tennessee. It was clairvoyant invisible, incredibly fast, could appear in multiple locations at once, and could shapeshift. One notable feature of this spirit, was its ability to speak to the family. During the 20th century, a cave near the Bell property became known as the Bell Witch Cave. It has attracted tourists who wish to see the spirit for themselves.

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Strange coincidence between the Titanic and Titan.

Who has never heard of the Titanic? That floating palace that sank into the depths of the sea, taking thousands of lives with it. Although reputed to be unsinkeble, the Titanic was the subject of particularly disconcerting predictions.

On the night of April 14-15, 1912, the most famous disaster in the history of the world’s navy took place: the sinking of the Titanic, hit by an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean during its voyage from Southampton to New York.

And yet, this sinking could have been avoided if those in charge of the voyage had believed in the many signs sent by the spiritual world and the hunches of some individuals. In fact, an American businessman decided not to go on the voyage after his wife’s dream about the sinking of the Titanic.

The Wreck of the Titan:

A gigantic floating palace named Titan left in April 1898 for a voyage to New York. The Titan was the largest ship of its time and was said to be indestructible. It never arrived in New York because it hit on iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, causing a significant number of victims.

These similarities with the story of the Titanic are disconcerting, aren’t they? Especially when you know that the story of the Titan was written in 1898, 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic. Some even claimed that Morgan Robertson’s story was a prophecy. He also claimed that he sometimes wrote in a state of mediumistic trance.

The Prophetic story of W.T. Stead:

An English journalist, William Thomas Stead wrote, How the Mail Streamer went down in Mid Atlantic by a Survivor, shortly before the Titanic sank. He describes how two ships sank in open sea after they colided, and how many passengers died due to a lack of lifeboats.

W.T. Stead tried to warn his fellow citizens, to no avail, of the likelihood of an impending disaster, as it was a recurring problem in the Navy of the time. Ironically, W.T. Stead was one of the victims of the Titanic.

The Legend of William Reeves:

One night in April 1935, William Reeves, a deckhand on a British liner, was on watch for icebergs, which are known to be numerous at that time of the year. His cargo ship was on its way to Canada. Suddenly, William being able to see the iceberg towards which his ship was inexorably heading, William Reeves sounded the alarm. The pilot reversed course and the freighter stopped a few feet away from the enormous mass of ice. This ship was called the Titanian.

These stories shows that coincidences may exist… or not..

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9 Mysterious Life Stones !

The Blue Stone:

This is the favourite color of the celestial deities and of Fortune “par excellence”! Charming and beautiful, it attracks Wealth, Winnings, Success, Recognition and Prosperity in all fields.

The Garnet Red Stone:

This is the best color to promote Love! Known for its incredible powers of attraction, this stone brings out the beauty of the heart and of the soul, and promotes mutual attraction, silences discord and helps to renew solid, sincere and lasting bonds.

White Agate Stone:

The color of absolute Luck. In the past, it attracted the favours of the divinities. To wear this superb stone is to enter a world filled with luck, where circumstances will be favourable to projects in all areas.

Black Stone:

This is the color of Protection. It chases away dark ideas and protects from curses and harmful jealousy, allowing you to blossom!

The Yellow Stone:

This is the color of fire, which attracks Money and favours the arrival of all the wealth you could want.

The Orange Stone:

This is the stone of Wins, of professional players, of adventures, of those who seek out fortune, and who will stop at nothing to reach their goals and satisfy their passions.

Green Moss Stone:

This is the color of Renewal. It stirs passion, develops the desire to do well and to succeed in new projects. It creates things, and keeps you safe from refusals and failure.

Green Jade Stone:

This is the color of Imagination and meditation. It gets rid of all forms of melancholy and depression. It greatly increases physical and mental strenght, and allows you to face all situations in all circumstances.

Purple Stone:

This is the color of Power. It transforms all that is negative into positive. It calms passions and anger. It chases away evil thoughts, drives away evil spirits and gets rid of all forms of curses or acts of black magic. It promotes good health and good mental health.

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