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Love Is A Feeling.

Feelings don’t beget expectations A relationship may. But love doesn’t. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ You don’t love someone, only if they bring you breakfast every morning. You don’t love someone, only if they text you back. You don’t love someone, only if their mom likes you. You just love them. ~Period~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ How can I feel sad, towards someone without expecting anything. How can I feel angry, towards someone without expecting anything? How can I feel happy, towards someone without expecting anything? ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Sounds strange, doesn’t it…. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Love is a feeling, if your love comes earmarked with expectations, then it’s not called love…

Hier wag one vir die seisoene, om dai skuld gevoel jou medisyne, So hou ons aan en verdra net alles. My ligaam het al beter dae gesien. ~ Buitekant 2 ~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Here we are waiting for the seasons to make that guilt your medicine. So we carry on and just tolerate everything, my body has seen better days. ~ Outside 2 ~

When I met you,

I heard your shine of laughter

and I thought that an eternity

with you would not be sufficient 

to appreciate this happiness.

After these years together I 

confirm it even more, an eternity

will not be enough for me to

give you all my love…

I want to love you

in all the ways you

have always wanted.

The ways you have

always deserved.

In the means that

leave no trace of

doubt in your

beautiful mind that

it is home.

It feels like home

to be in your arms

holding me tight

keeping me strong

teaching me 

how to breathe & hold on…

Whatever happens…

I always wanted you.

Even when I didn’t

know what I wanted.

Even before I knew

It was you.

You were the chapter

that I didn’t know

the words to, but

always knew it existed.

And when I finally 

found it and began

to read, I knew I 

was home.

See post illusions.

A journey through

space and time.

Seated in comfort.

Do you understand what

I try to say?

If I say it loud will

the feelings stay?

Question what is true,

search for what is real.

Let all others know,

how and what you feel.

I create my world,

all the rest is fake,

like a plastic doll,

live the tales I make.

 Give reasons to a twirl,

always spins right back,

points straight back at me,

my own harsh attack.

Do you understsand how life

is a game?

Does it all evolve,

does it stay the same?

I could see the game,

shinning in all eyes,

nothing hurts too deep,

all feels like a sign.

Laugh and look around,

this world is absurb,

synchronize my heart,

to sounds once unheard.

Grasp hard to pure hope,

all things will be fine,

building different views,

making them all mine.

Do you understand we 

create delight?

Can we make our light,

and control how bright?

I can see my thoughts,

in and throughout life.

I can shut the door,

to close off all strife.

I can see all shine,

glisten more with time.

I can see the dark,

when I blink my eyes.

I can blink again,

blinking once or twice,

turn my views around,

make my world feel nice.

One day the

word ‘Soon’ will

be replaced by


A Wise Man Said:

“Don’t be afraid to start

over again. This time,

you’re not starting from

scratch, you’re starting

from experience.”

Never give up on your 

dreams. It’s difficult

to wait but it is more

difficult to regret.

Life gives the

hardest battles

to the strongest


Give your best

today and you wont

regret tomorrow.

Today’s pain

is tomorrow’s


Never show what

you have planned.

Showcase the 




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